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A look at the Club Nintendo EU Majora’s Mask Light

Even though it’s still in the process of preparing for the service’s end, the Club Nintendo loyalty program is still adding new rewards for fans who have  held on to their redeemed stars so far.

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Last-Minute picks from PSN’s Golden Week Sale

While we’re just nearing the end of the Bank Holiday weekend here in the UK, the week of holidays in Japan, known as ‘Golden Week’ is also coming to a close on May 5th.


Press Release: Project Cars full car list revealed

With just over a week to go until Project Cats finally comes out on consoles and PC, the full list of cars has now been revealed! Containing a wide range of cars both new and old, there should be something to look forward to for all types of racing fans.


Neptunia U’s Limited Edition revealed

With just under a month to go until Hyperdimension Neptunia U comes to Europe and North America, Idea Factory International have now unveiled the Limited Edition version of the game what will be available to pre-order from next week.


Press Release: Hakuoki now on mobile IOS & Android

Hakuoki: Stories of the Shinzengumi previously got an English release on the PS3 last year, and now it is been ported to iOS and Android by Gloczus to bring the Visual Novel experience to your mobile or tablet.


A Trio of Neptunia announcements from Idea Factory International

In their first press event last week, Idea Factory International had a range of announcements about their upcoming lineup of games for North America and Europe. Among these announcements were several new bits of news about the popular Hyperdimension Neptunia series.


Press Release: Project Cars has gone Gold

Following several months of delays and release date revisions, Bandai Namco have confirmed that Project Cars has finally ‘gone gold’, meaning that the game is complete and ready for it’s upcoming release.


Review: Mario Party 10

As the first entry of the long-running series on Wii U, Mario Party 10 brings more of the chaotic party game experience but in smaller and more watered down servings than its earlier predecessors. Now in its 10 iteration, Mario Party has been going on for well over a decade, beginning back on the N64.


Tales of Zestiria’s English Voice Over debuts in new trailer

Early this morning, Bandai Namco Entertainment released a new trailer for tales of Zestiria, the latest main title in the Tales of series. This is the first trailer featuring the English dub of the game which will be used for the western releases of the game.


4 new Atlus titles set for European release, courtesy of NIS America

Following a few recent game announcements from Atlus over the past few weeks, NIS America have now confirmed that they’ll be bringing some of these titles to Europe in both Physical & Digital formats, most of which will be coming to European gamers later this year.


New Omega Quintet screenshots focus on Harmonics

With only a couple weeks left until Omega Quintet arrives in Europe and North America, Idea Factory International have shown a new batch of screenshots from the English version of the game, showing off the ‘Harmonics’ and how they can be used in battles.


New Saint Seiya Anime and Game launching this year

Fans of the Saint Seiya series have a couple of things to look forward to this year, as Bandai Namco Entertainment, along with Anime Consortium Japan Inc., have announced a new game and anime series that will be coming out this month and later in the year.


The Vita’s not dead, but it does need more support.

Even though it’s only been around for just over 3 years, many people already seem to think that the PS Vita has no place in the current market among competitors like the 3DS and smartphones for a range of different reasons.

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