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Review: J-Stars Victory Vs+

Arriving in a release which would have seemed impossible not too long ago, J-Stars Victory Vs+ is the latest fighting game in the Shonen Jump game series and the first to be released in english and outside of Japan.


Review: Omega Quintet

As the new generation consoles are still growing, many companies are trying to move on from PS3 & Xbox 360 to the PS4 and Xbox One.


Review: Otorimonogatari

Following on with the Monogatari series, Otorimonogatari revolves around Nadeko, a shy girl that with friends with Koyomi Araragi’s younger sisters.  She first appeared in the first season (Bakemonogatari) with the snake spirit taking over her body and close to death at one point.


Press Release: Toukiden: Kiwami Demo available now!

TECMO EUROPE is happy to announce today the imminent release of a playable demo for upcoming demon slaying epic ‘Toukiden: Kiwami’, available from the PlayStation®Network for the PlayStation®4 and the PlayStation®Vita computer entertainment systems on the 25th March 2015.


Review: Kabukimonogatari

Kabukimonogatari is the 5th installment of the Monogatari series.  This Arc is based on Mayoi Hachikuji who was first introduced in Bakemonogatari.

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