After the highly disappointing Street fighter x Tekken a few years back, many were eagerly waiting in anticipation for Tekken x Street fighter as multiple Street Fighter 4 revisions came out from Capcom. This weekend, BANDAI NAMCO shocked fans with news not of Tekken x Street fighter but the next main Tekken game, Tekken 7.

Following the release of the ‘free to play’ Tekken Revolution, which was pretty much made to test new fighting mechanics and to see what new characters the fans want to see in the new game. A Succubus with boobs that get bigger? Certainly a change for the normal rooster indeed! With no room to customise and with the use of collecting coins to carry on playing it was evident this game was a warm up for something much bigger.


GET READY FOR THE NEXT BATTLE!  Over the weekend at this year’s EVO Championship Series in USA, rumours of Tekken news was afoot and BANDAI NAMCO Games Europe SAS  officially talked about the development of TEKKEN 7. Katsuhiro Harada announced teased the crowd with a video for TEKKEN 7 (working title) which will be powered by the UNREAL 4 engine.

More information will be revealed at this year’s San Diego Comic Con at the BANDAI NAMCO Fighting Game Panel, need to get my ticket, what about you.

Take a first look at the TEKKEN 7 project teaser trailer here:

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