Hyper Japan 2014 : An Interview with Yano Anna

Among the guests at this year’s Hyper Japan event in London, Yano Anna was there, preforming some of her songs on stage and meeting fans. Originally starting off as a model, Anna began singing as well, and has sung the theme song for anime such as Magica Wars & Stella Women’s Academy, High School Division Class C3.


Hyper Japan 2014: Vocaloid Opera Aoi with Bunraku Puppets Interview

And now for something completely different… At Hyper Japan 2014, we discovered Vocaloid Opera Aoi, which is a Japanese opera preformed with traditional Bunraku Puppets, and takes a traditional story and reimagines it in a modern setting while using Vocaloid to sing the opera.


Hyper Japan July 2014 Recap

It’s the time of the year where the biggest Japanese festival in the UK “Hyper Japan” returns to the Earls Court exhibition centre for everyone to celebrate Japanese Culture.


London Film and Comic Con

The London Film and Comic Con (or LFCC for short) is normally a quiet affair with a few hundred movie fans, cosplayers and those waiting to see William Shatner for the 800th time.

Features, Previews

Preview: Captain Toad : Treasure Tracker

Captain toad, the adventurous little explorer / treasure hunter first appeared back in Mario Galaxy and more recently had his own set of levels in Mario 3D Land and Mario 3D World.


London Anime Gaming Con July 2014

In London, we’re lucky to have several events throughout the year catering to anime and gaming fans, such as Hyper Japan and Eurogamer Expo, with the London Anime Gaming Con, run by AnimeLeague also providing an event for those fans, albeit on a smaller scale compared to the larger events.

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