Durante, creator of the popular Dark Souls & Dark Souls 2 Fix mods for their PC releases, has now uploaded a new fix to allow you to play Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1 at any resolution you desire. The aptly titled Hyperresolution Neptunia fix  lets you play the game at higher resolutions than the 1600 x 900 maximum that’s currently available in the game’s video options. After a pretty easy setup, I was able to get the game running at 2560×1440 (or 2K as some call it) on my PC, still running at a high framerate (50-60fps average) and no major problems from what I could notice.

Click to view full size (2560x1440)

Click to view full size (2560×1440)


Meanwhile, the game which just came out a few days ago, has seen a few bugs an errors highlighted by the community in what’s been a bit of a bumpy launch after a brief delay. Idea Factory International has been quite responsive so far to comments and queries from customers about these issues and has already implemented some patches already to fix some of these problems, which include:

  • DLC not working/not being recognized as purchased
  • Crashing on startup
  • Background going black (this may be fixed for some people by updating the drivers for your graphics card)

So far, I’ve previously experienced the last two problems a few times on my main gaming PC which has an AMD Radeon card, and Windows 7, but oddly enough, while running the game on a Microsoft Surface 2 Pro with Integrated graphics & Windows 8, I’ve had no problems at all.

You can find the Hyperresolution Neptunia fix available on Durante’s site, as well as some info on how it was made: http://blog.metaclassofnil.com/?p=689

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  • The game backgrounds looked a bit rough on the Vita’s native resolution your not going to want to see that at 4K.

    • Josiah

      You’re right that some of the backgrounds and art might not look too good when scaled up to 4k, but when in dungeons and battles, the 3d models look better when running at your monitor’s native resolution rather than scaling up.

  • Yiğit

    Doesn’t work for me anymore. Any ideas?