Akko and the students of Luna Nova Academy return in Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time, which launches today on PSN for PS4 and Steam for PC. We had a chance to talk to Yousuke Futami, the producer of the game last year which left us eagerly awaiting the English release of the game so that we can try out the full adventure for ourselves. From what we’ve seen of the game so far, it looks like it features a faithful recreation of the characters from the anime series in a fun, vibrant side-scrolling RPG format and being able to play co-op both online and offline should allow you to share the experience with friends as you explore the depth of Luna Nova Academy.



Richmond, UK – 15th May, 2018: BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe is thrilled to announce the digital release of LITTLE WITCH ACADEMIA: CHAMBER OF TIME on PlayStation Network for PlayStation®4 and STEAM® for PC. This side-scrolling action RPG beat ‘em up based on the eponym show will certainly delight the fans.

Join Akko and her friends to work as a team – exploring dungeons, casting magical spells and using witchcraft to ultimately discover the seven wonders and solve the mysterious paradox that trapped the school in a time-loop. RPG elements and side-scrolling action allows fans to level-up their characters and find drops that enhance builds while exploring the Luna Nova Academy campus and solving puzzles. Don’t hesitate to discover this adventure with friends, both offline and online.

Magic, friendship, adventure and mystery will be the elements of this brand-new Action RPG/ Beat ‘em up available today on PlayStation Network for PlayStation 4 and STEAM for PC.  For those who have pre ordered the game onPlayStation Network can also download the exclusive Magic Knight Grand Charion mini-game.

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