In the lead up to PAX East later this week, where many developers will be showing off new, upcoming titles, PLAYISM have jumped ahead and launched their brand new magic robot fighter, Magical Battle Festa : Magical Girl★Ion, available now for PC. Developed by Fly System in Japan and translated by the team at PLAYISM, MBF centres around using magical characters to fight in arena battles amongst a range of magical and mechanical opponents . Available in 2 versions, regular and the fully voiced edition which includes the vocal talents of several popular japanese voice actors, many of which are well-known among Japanese game and anime fans.

From the trailer releases alongside the announcement, the game looks like it could be a fun, frantic arena fighter. PLAYISM currently offer a demo on their site for you to try out if this looks like something suited to your tastes. [].

Magical Battle Festa : Magical Girl★Ion is available on Windows PC for $14.99 for the standard edition and $21.99 for the fully voiced version, via

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PLAYISM – Great Indie Games From Japan
Magical Battle Festa by fly system,
comes to PLAYISM!

Active Gaming Media (President: Ibai Ameztoy, Website: is proud to announce the PLAYISM release of Magical Battle Festa, a sci-fi fantasy competitive fighting game, on April 8th, 2014! (

Magical Battle Festa

In the not so distant future, humanity discovers a new element known as Magicore. Magic cauldrons are built to refine the element, and magic is born. As magic and magic-users becomes more widespread, dark creatures called spectres begin to appear and wreak havoc. With no choice but to train more powerful mages to combat this threat, the Magic Agency TEOS holds a tournament in hopes of finding the best of the best.
Magical Battle Festa is a competitive 3rd person fighting game with up to 4 players, where players take on the role of a mage with a host of magical robots under their command. Use powerful magic attacks, perform devastating combos, and command your magibots in a myriad formations for a tactical advantage.

PLAYISM Translation
The English translation of Magical Battle Festa was translated by the PLAYISM team in close coordination with fly system, the developers of Magical Battle Festa. Play this unique competitive battle royale for the first time in English with the original Japanese voice acting intact!


Fully Voiced Version
Magical Battle Festa will be available in two magic-filled versions: a regular edition for $14.99, and a Fully Voiced Edition for $21.99, which includes voice acting for all the characters by Japanese voice actors famous for their work in a number of anime features, including Attack on Titan.