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Nintendo UK opens its own online store with Pokemon XY £200 bundle

Days before the launch of the Nintendo 2DS and Pokemon X & Y, Nintendo UK have launched their own online store, providing many first party (and some third party) games for the Wii/Wii U and Nintendo DS/3DS, along with a selection of accessories for their consoles.


Bravely Default Enhanced Edition to launch in Europe this year!

Today, Nintendo announced that the highly anticipated new RPG from Square Enix, Bravely Default, will be coming to Europe by the end of the year, which will be a localized version of Bravely Default: For the Sequel, an enhanced version of the original Bravely Default: Flying Fairy.


Sonic Lost World’s Deadly Six detailed in new trailer

Earlier today, Sega released a new extended trailer for Sonic Lost World detailing the main group of bosses in the game, the Deadly Six. At just under 5 minutes long, each character is featured along with snippets from their boss battle stages.


Atlus finds a new home at SEGA

Following several months of uncertainty regarding Atlus’ future after its parent company, Index Corporation filed for bankruptcy, Sega has now confirmed that it has ¬†purchased Atlus and Index via auction, the later of which will be restructured into Sega Dream Corporation.

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The voice of Mario comes to London!

With the summer holidays over and grey skies returning, the voice of Mario, Luigi and many other characters in the Mario series; Charles Martinet, came to London’s John Lewis flagship store to bring a day of mario filled fun to hundreds of Nintendo fans.

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Etoo London 2013

While the gaming industry is currently focused on LA and E3 2013 taking place within, those unable to attend would usually find themselves living vicariously through the reports and videos posted online from those at the show.


Review: Mario Bros Wii U

  With Nintendo launching the new Wii U console, if you’re not expecting another Super Mario game as one of the launch titles you need a smack around the ear.

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