Suikoden returns in fan-developed Suikoden 2.5

    Any hardcore RPG gamer will recognise the cult game Suikoden brought to us by Konami since the days of the original Playstation console. Sadly despite the huge following Konami has ceased to localise the game in Europe and therefore we’re missing out on the epic series on handheld and home consoles.


Review: Demon Gaze

As many new JRPGs are attempting to diverge from the tried and tested formula, Demon Gaze looks back to old school dungeon crawling while also adding several unique twists to give the game its own individual identity.


PLAYISM announces Magical Battle Festa : Magical Girl★Ion

In the lead up to PAX East later this week, where many developers will be showing off new, upcoming titles, PLAYISM have jumped ahead and launched their brand new magic robot fighter, Magical Battle Festa : Magical Girl★Ion, available now for PC.

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