If you had a PS2 back in the early 2000’s and were into rhythm games, you may have played or at least heard of two titles called FreQuency and it’s follow-up, Amplitude from a little company called Harmonix (Perhaps you’ve heard of them?). Published by Sony Computer Entertainment, the pair of games became cult favourites among rhythm and music game fans but didn’t gain much popularity among the mainstream crowd. Harmonix later went on to create the Guitar Hero series, moving on to subsequent music games like Rock Band, Dance Central and the recent downloadable title, Rock Band Blitz, which seemed to resemble Amplitude and FreQuency in gameplay, even to the point of being considered a spiritual successor to the  FreQuency series.


Now, in a surprise announcement, Harmonix Music Systems have announced plans to revive Amplitude by remaking it for the PS3 & PS4. Asking for $775,000 (approx £460,000), the team plans to remake the classic title while incorporating new ideas to enhance the core experience. In an unusual move compared to many kickstarter projects, the funding period is only 18 days compared to the standard month-long period most kickstarter projects are active for. The Kickstarter page for the game currently sits at just over $100,000 funded by backers so far, with another 17 days to go.

via Kickstarter