Gaming Heads, producers of high-quality, officially licensed game merchandise, have announced a new addition to their Playstation All-Stars line of game character statues. Coming later this year, Ratchet & Clank will be the latest Playstation characters to become immortalised in a limited 15″ Statue. The Lombax hero and his robotic partner are now available for pre order following the announcement, and the statue will be limited to just 750 pieces worldwide. In addition to the standard colour version of the statute, an extra exclusive version, featuring a bronze effect paint job will also be coming out at the same time, but only for 350 collectors quick enough to get their orders in first.

Gaming heads have a history of producing very detailed collector’s pieces, like their Team Fortress, Half-Life & Portal Statues, as well as their Jak & Daxter Statue, which shipped early this year (we’ll be doing a review of the Jak & Daxter statue very soon if you want to have a look at how Gaming Head’s work looks up close!).

Currently scheduled for a Q4 2014 release, the standard edition of the statue is $199.99, or you could chip in an extra ten bucks to get the exclusive edition at $209.99. While the statue looks quite nice, with the duo posed as if ready to jump into some action, you may need to save up if you want the luxury of having them displayed proudly on your mantle.

via Gaming Heads

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