Run and jump over cliffs and obstacles as you slice your way through levels of monsters with an awesome array of ninja weaponry in Driod Studios action game Devil Ninja!

Devil Ninja is definitely an addictive little time gobbler and is also quite the challenge to complete. The main goal of the game is to destroy as many enemies in front of you as possible while missing the various hurdles and trying to get as far as you can into the level without dying. Your character runs through the level automatically so it’s a speedy game to play and along with the weapon pickups means the game gathers a good pace and rhythm which will have you coming back to beat your previous score.

It’s a hard game to master and complete but the controls are easy enough to pick up on. There’s a virtual jump button and a virtual attack button, nothing else as your character runs under his own steam through this demon infested world anyway. You can double jump which has to be timed right or you’ll end up off over a cliff or smack bang in front of an enemy, you can also hold down the attack button for a more powerful attack. You can pick up snippets of life and more powerful weapons along the way to the occasional end of level boss fight too.

Devil Ninja’s Leaderboards are also very hard to get your name up onto, some of the scores already posted are very impressive. After around twenty minutes of play Devil Ninja will have drawn you into its side-scrolling ways and you’ll have learnt to give it some time to get better at but once you’ve gotten over the initial level of difficulty you’ll enjoy it simply for what it is, and that’s a solid and challenging side-scrolling action game.

Score: 3 / 5

Devil Ninja Google Play Link

Devil Ninja Trailer

There’s also now a sequel to Devil Ninja, Devil Ninja 2! (Requires 2.0 and up)

Devil Ninja 2 Google Play Link

Devil Ninja 2 Trailer