BannerSo this is the first indie game I’ve come across in the eshop on 3DS. Fun unit have released a cube strategy game for puzzle fanatics and looking for their next fix this is the game to keep your focused for a bargain price tag.

The game revolves around protecting your ‘core cube’ and therefore destroying your enemies. But first you need to build defense by adding more home bases to release your soldiers to pillage the competitors side. Build them up in towers to make to give the enemies a challenge to destroy the bases or use as stepping-stones to build a bridge to the enemies core cube.


You have a selection of fighters which increases when you defeat more cube maps ie. small buildings produce soldiers, ninjas, or the ever-so-useful builders, who smash down enemy forts with ease, or camps make archers great for a distanced attack.

Through the tutorial the pompous but ever so endearing Cube master teaches you that buildings placed next to each other combine into stronger structures. It is vital to listen to the tutorial or you will put yourself in a muddle, like facing the entrance of the cube base the RIGHT way otherwise your soldiers will roam backwards giving yourself a slight disadvantage. If you arrange the bases in aa square using four bases you can make the bases become one mega base. Later on you acquire traps or cannons to use if you are more strategic, well you need to be playing this game.
Some levels are easy but some have vast amounts of space to bridge and you need to be quick as you and your opponent share the same cube bank. You take too long to decide which cube you want the opponent can take it and put it on their side. Real time game play is good and keep you on your toes until you hit the online battles.

Playing online has it’s pros of playing your friends or random people but that also includes a lot of lags making choosing your cubes disastrous. I would not recommend playing this if your die ahrd into your strategy games as this becomes VERY FRUSTRATING. I feel this game is more about speed than tactics. Do not let the graphics mislead you into thinking this is an RPG the art is beautiful but this game has very little story so appreciate whatever interaction you get.


Review Summary

All in all it’s value for money if you like the pressure of finishing a map under time constraints. The art is brilliant but barely in the game to appreciate. The concept is interesting but I don’t know how far you can go with building cubes without exploding from frustration from the many annoyances in game. I found this game taxing at times, frustrating but then again I DO LIKE SOME BREAKS AKA STORY as I love my RPG’s this game have a little and a cute anime art style though this isn't really important to the game.