Once in a while, there will be an anime that comes and you wonder “That anime title looking interesting, I’ll give it a shot”.  Mysterious Girl X was a title that struck me when I first read it.  Before watching the anime, I’ve read the manga as well which has recently finished.  The anime represents the manga very well from the character’s personality to drawing animation which I’m happy about as some series tend to stray away from it.

Mysterious Girl X opening


Mysterious Girl X is a 13 episode series that is based on the manga which is currently on-going in Japan.  The series starts off with the main male character “Akira Tsubaki” who dreams and wonders who will be his first love.  Being a high school boy, these sort of thoughts start to develop in their minds.

Akira’s lucky encounter appears when a new girl transfers to his class; Mikoto Urabe.  Urabe’s first appearance makes her seem strange and very anti-social, like most class introduction.  The new student usually gives a speech about them self in front of the class however Urabe’s speech was 1 sentence (“Nice to meet you”).  During lunch, she would just fall asleep while others want to socialize or have lunch with her.  This shocked Akira as it was not something a new person would do; even in the middle of the lesson, she bursts out in laughter which surprised her classmate and of course made the teacher angry.


One day after school,  Urabe is the last remaining student in the classroom still sleeping after the day has ended.  Akira encounters her alone in the classroom while fetching his bento box tries to wake her up.  Nudging her to wake her up, Akira encounters a new side of Urabe which he has never seen before.  Maybe it was love at first sight during this encounter however Akira noticed that she was drooling during her sleep and a puddle of drool was on the table.  As Urabe takes her leave and heads off home, Akira does something no one really does; He tastes a sample of Urabe’s drool;


Embarrassed by his actions, Akira heads home.  However due to his actions, he mysteriously fell ill and doesn’t recover from his fever.  As the days goes past, his classmates notice that he has been gone for awhile and gets worried.  Urabe senses something suspicious and decides to visit his house.  Upon arrival, Akira gets embarrassed and shocked to see Urabe visit him.  Urabe deciphers the situation and concludes that Akira tasted her drool which shocked Akira on how fast she knew what he did.   Due to the situation, the only cure for this was for him to taste her drool daily which starts the anime theme off.




Review Summary

The anime series follows the manga very closely which is good for people who likes the manga and the animation is pretty good as it follows the character designs from the manga. The series will be a hit and miss for a lot of people as it is quite weird and creepy to see someone taste drool however if you think about kissing, it's pretty much the same thing anyway but in a different way. I would suggest people to read the manga or watch a trailer before buying it as it might end up being the wrong series you want to watch. Due to the type of anime it is, I will have to give it a 3 as it isn't suitable for everyone.