As the Ridge Racer series celebrates 20 years since it first came into the world, Namco Bandai games have announced Ridge Racer Slipstream, the newest addition to the lengthy RR lineup, exclusive to iOS and Android devices.

The Ridge Racer franchise has had a previous smartphone-based entry in Ridge Racer Accelerated a few years back, which was available on iOS and a specialised version was released in japan for a limited selection of Android devices on the Android Market. Slipstream will be the series’ first wide-scale release on the Google Play Store simultaneously with the App Store, bringing the Ridge Racer brand of racing to Android and iOS gamers worldwide. The recently released trailer teases some of the racing and machines you can expect to see in Slipstream.

More info about the new title is said to be coming soon on the official social media channels for the game:

Via Ridge Racer Slipstream [Youtube] / / @RR_slipstream on Twitter