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Otaku Nation Podcast Episode 22: Welcome Back Sailor Moon!

This week on Otaku Nation, Aisha and Harriett talk about Bakumatsu Rock, Tokyo Ghoul & Shounen Hollywood. They also talk about the return of Sailor Moon with much fangirling, London Anime Gaming Con and the recent BABYMETAL concert in London.


Introducting the Otaku Nation podcast

As the Parallax Play media empire expands, we are happy to announce that we will be joining forces with the Otaku Nation podcast, hosted by Aisha and featuring co-hosts Alex, Orun & Harriet. Each week, you can tune in as they chat about  anime, manga, video games & otaku culture.


Review: Night Raid 1931 Collection

Night Raid 1931 (aka Senkō no Night Raid) was not something I normally watch, from the cover art it looked like it was set in the past and like the title denotes it does. This 13 episode anime from A-1 Pictures and Aniplex is directed by Jun Matsumoto features great music, fancy hats and lots of action.


Review: Ragnarok Odyssey ACE

Ragnarok Odyssey Ace is a remake of Ragnarok Odyssey which came out back in 2012 on the PS Vita. This was so under the radar I didn’t even know the game existed and I’ve been a long time fan of the series.

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