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Plants vs Zombies 2 finally makes it to android [Update 2]

Update 2 – 24/10/2013 -We’ve confirmed that Plants vs Zombies is now available to download and install worldwide on Google Play! The eagerly awaited sequel to Plants vs Zombies has finally started to reach the many Android-owning fans of the series after launching a few months ago only on iPhone and iPad.


Tekken Card Tournament passes 5 million downloads

One of Namco Bandai’s recent free-to-play takes on the Tekken franchise, Tekken Card Tournament, looks like it’s gaining popularity quickly and has no signs of stopping anytime soon.


Review: Bastion

  Unique is the first word that pops up in my head when I think about Bastion. This colourful example of creativity and ingenuity just grabs your eyes and holds them ransom until you’ve spent a good couple of hours playing through it.


Review: Orborun

What would you get if you tried playing Marble Blast Ultra and Temple Run simultaneously? Most likely, just a frustration-induced headache. But, if you were to pick and choose elements from both games, something like Orborun would probably be the result.


Sony debuts Beyond Controller app for Android & iOS.

With Beyond: Two Souls only a couple of weeks away from release, Sony have launched their BEYOND Touch companion app for android and iOS to let gamers play the game using their mobile device in place of a standard PS3 controller connected to the console.

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Hands on at the NVidia Gaming Event @ Gaming Bunker

  Last weekend, the ever popular Gaming Bunker on London’s Tottenham Court Road became the venue for a dedicated gaming event hosted by NVidia to present some of the latest and greatest NVidia-powered games and hardware.


Review: Cytus Lambda

As a fan of music rhythm games, I’ve noticed that there’s very few available on the Playstation vita, especially in the UK, either physically or on PSN.

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