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Mighty No.9 gets a new trailer and ‘retro’ DLC skin

With the new release date for Mighty No.9 slowly getting closer, Deep Silver have released a new 60fps trailer showing off the different transformations you can use from the bosses you defeat throughout the game.


Review:  Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters

In Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters, the gameplay is a combination of traditional Visual Novel storytelling and Strategy RPG.  Interactions with Characters move the story along at a relaxing pace while you learn more about the Gate Keepers and your team mates.

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Last-Minute picks from PSN’s Golden Week Sale

While we’re just nearing the end of the Bank Holiday weekend here in the UK, the week of holidays in Japan, known as ‘Golden Week’ is also coming to a close on May 5th.


A Trio of Neptunia announcements from Idea Factory International

In their first press event last week, Idea Factory International had a range of announcements about their upcoming lineup of games for North America and Europe. Among these announcements were several new bits of news about the popular Hyperdimension Neptunia series.


4 new Atlus titles set for European release, courtesy of NIS America

Following a few recent game announcements from Atlus over the past few weeks, NIS America have now confirmed that they’ll be bringing some of these titles to Europe in both Physical & Digital formats, most of which will be coming to European gamers later this year.


Review: htoL#NiQ – The Firefly Diary -

You live, you die, you rage a bit at how unfair it was and then do it all over again. Even when at its most frustrating and sometimes sadistic, ‘htoL#NiQ – The Firefly Diary -‘ somehow remains an addictive and rewarding puzzle platformer, providing you have the patience to continue after being brutally murdered tor the umpteenth time.


Review: Criminal Girls Invite Only !

NISA are well known for bringing an array of Japanese, niche games to Europe and America, with one of their latest offerings, ‘Criminal Girls Invite Only’ tantalising our senses with beautiful art and interesting concepts.


New English screenshots & video for Hyperdevotion Noire & Neptunia U.

Later this month, Hyperdevotion Noire : Goddess Black Heart will be coming to PS Vita courtesy of Idea Factory International in North America & Europe. To give you a look at what you can be playing in a few weeks, IFI released several screenshots and videos from the English language version of the game.


Ragnarok Odyssey Ace giveaway!

[30/07] UPDATE – Congratulations to Tara Davies & Tristram Triligas Merlin O’Brien who will receive a PS Vita code each and Scott Barker & Mike Marsh who will receive a PS3 code each! Last month, Aisha checked out Ragnarok Odyssey Ace from GungHo online and had quite a good time with the game.


Review: One Piece Unlimited World Red

One Piece Unlimited World Red is the latest in a long line of video games based on the long running One Piece manga and anime series created by Eiichiro Oda.

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