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Review : Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars

Conception™II: Children of the Seven Stars follows from its predecessor: Conception: Ore no Kodomo o Undekure! released in 2012 on the PSP. While the first instalment of the game never reached outside Japan, luckily we are fortunate to have the second instalment of the series localised for the West courtesy of Atlus USA.


[E3 2014] One Piece: Unlimited World Red story mode and special editions detailed

Among all of the announcements made today now that E3 2014 is in full swing, Bandai Namco dropped some new details about One Piece: Unlimited World Red’s new Story Mode.  The difficulty option has been added to the first play-through of the game which allows players to choose the difficulty they want to play.


[E3 2014] Tales of Series News

To celebrate E3 2014; Hideo Baba and Bandai Namco have announced two spectacular news updates to enlighten Tales of Series fans. The first update is the anticipated Tales of Xillia 2 which is releasing in 22nd August 2014.


The Parallax Play team’s E3 Predictions

With less than a day until the biggest event on every gamer’s calender event starts tomorrow in LA. While there’s still some mystery to what will be shown, we’ve rounded up some of our predictions on what you might see over the next week of press events and announcements.

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