Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, the Final Fantasy MMORPG from Square Enix, will have its first expansion ,titled Heavesward, coming early next year in Spring 2015.

A teaser trailer has been released to announce the upcoming expansion, and several details of what will be in the upcoming expansion have been confirmed:

– Ishgard is the new main town area and focus where Dragoons fights Dragons it was hinted that Knights of the round will make an appearance too
– The Level Cap for all classes are to be raised to 60
– There are new areas that are apparently very large compared to the current size of areas
– New Gear and Recipes
– There is a new race while mentioning Viangaa it is not as that was an april fools jokes and still to be announced the race will have two genders
– New job(s)
– There are new Primals to be introduced and some made for FFXIV so never seen before
– New High-End Raids and Dungeons
– Friend companies can build airships and more so who knows what this means Airships Galore?

Other details known are that:

– The art style focus of Ishgard is to have a more dark mature look.
– A new area called The Dravanian Forelands is set to debut in the expansion
– You can visit floating islands in the sky then they go onto how they wonder why so details on how to travel to these floating islands are to come soon.
– To a surprise Chocobo Forests are to implemented.
– New beast tribe dailies in the new areas.
– For the Fanfest of FFXIV a Special Odin battle is available to try but it is not exlusive to the fanfest and will appear in the main game at some point for people unable to attend

There will be more details on the new expansion at the London Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival on Oct 25th 2015