For several years, Hyper Japan has had a main summer Hyper Japan event, which is the larger event held usually in Summer (June/July) and a smaller event in late autumn/early winter, which has been known as Hyper Japan Winter, Hyper Japan Christmas Market, etc…

It looks like Hyper Japan are shaking things up a bit this year, and will be holding a new event in winter instead of the regular Hyper Japan Winter show, called ‘Edo Matsuri’.

Focusing more on the traditional aspects of Japanese culture, Edo Matsuri looks to provide a different type of experience than the standard Hyper Japan event.

As someone who has been attending Hyper Japan for quite a while now, it will be interesting to see what Edo Matsuri has to offer and if it helps to add a bit of variety in the usual expo/con rotation.

You can find out more about Edo Matsuri here:

This autumn HYPER JAPAN is bringing Matsuri to London.

Matsuri is one of Japan’s most popular celebrations. From ancient times, people have gathered to give thanks at local shrines.
This custom has developed over the centuries into something
bigger and brighter, an iconic part of the Japanese year.

HYPER JAPAN is proud to present Edo Matsuri at Olympia London.

What is Edo Matsuri all about?

The Edo Matsuri experience begins when you enter through
a big, red torii gate and find yourself in the lantern-lit world of
a Japanese Matsuri market.

You will be met with high-quality arts and crafts, food, drinks and
Japanese-themed stalls as well as the main stage, workshops,
food and various other areas.

This is the very heart of the matsuri.
Eat, drink, shop, dance, socialise and enjoy the unique
atmosphere of the matsuri.

Is Edo Matsuri

Edo Matsuri will be a separate event from HYPER JAPAN – and whilst some elements will be similar, this is not HYPER JAPAN Winter. 
With a focus on traditional culture, food and performance, those with a keen interest in learning and experiencing real Japanese culture will really enjoy this intimate experience.

Fear not – HYPER JAPAN Festival 2020 will return in the summer with our regular event!

Tickets will be available soon.

More details about Edo Matsuri and the range of tickets available for the event will be released in the coming weeks. Keep an eye on your inbox and our social media for more information.

We are also open to applications from exhibitors, performers and workshops for Edo Matsuri.
Please contact us for more details.