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Review: KickBeat

With more than a few kung-fu and action flicks there’ll usually be at least one scene featuring the lone hero (sometimes with a partner), surrounded by countless henchmen and fodder, rhythmically dispatching enemy after enemy accompanied with the energetic beats of the high tempo soundtrack pumping in the background.


Review: Tomb Raider [2013]

Tomb Raider; for many, that name carries a storied legacy harking back to the early days of 3D gaming, but in the 2013 reboot from Square Enix & Crystal Dynamics, we get to visit Lara’s roots to discover how she became the hardy survivor we all know and love today.


Gravity Rush sequel teased during TGS 2013

In a short teaser video titled ‘A Message from Team Gravity’ from the Playstation Japan Youtube account, Kat and her mysterious familiar Dusty appear to be returning in a new project from the creators of the fantastic Vita exclusive, Gravity Rush.


Sony debuts Beyond Controller app for Android & iOS.

With Beyond: Two Souls only a couple of weeks away from release, Sony have launched their BEYOND Touch companion app for android and iOS to let gamers play the game using their mobile device in place of a standard PS3 controller connected to the console.

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