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Review: Omega Quintet

As the new generation consoles are still growing, many companies are trying to move on from PS3 & Xbox 360 to the PS4 and Xbox One. Compile Heart were quick to move to the PS4 and released the PS4-exclusive Omega Quintet as the system’s first JRPG, which has now been released in the west thanks to Idea Factory International. Omega Quintet…

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Otaku Nation Episode 54 – That’s Amore <3

(Original recording 14th May 2015)


This week we watched:

Saint Seiya – Soul of Gold
My Love Story

We also talk about Nintendo, breaking news of Grandia II heading to Steam, new Assassin’s Creed & the upcoming MCM Expo


A look at the Club Nintendo EU Majora’s Mask Light

Even though it’s still in the process of preparing for the service’s end, the Club Nintendo loyalty program is still adding new rewards for fans who have  held on to their redeemed stars so far. The most recent physical reward, an exclusive Majora’s Mask light, was recently added, as a surprise to many who’d thought the set of download games added a couple months ago would be the last major update for the Stars Catalogue. Luckily, we had enough stars left in our account to order one of these lights and it’s finally arrived on our doorstep.

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Review: Otorimonogatari

Following on with the Monogatari series, Otorimonogatari revolves around Nadeko, a shy girl that with friends with Koyomi Araragi’s younger sisters.  She first appeared in the first season (Bakemonogatari) with the snake spirit taking over her body and close to death at one point. In Otorimonogatari the snake theme returns where a snake god (Kuchinawa) inhabits Nadeko to pay for…

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