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Bandai Namco announces PAC-MAN MUSEUM for PC and Consoles

With a legacy spanning several decades, PAC-MAN has featured in more than a few games over the years. In this latest collection, PAC-MAN MUSEUM+, 14 games from the PAC-MAN series have been brought together in one collection for modern consoles and PC.


CRYSTAR Release Trailer

Spike Chunsoft, publishers behind the popular Danganronpa series and STEINS;GATE ELITE have released a new trailer for their upcoming Action RPG Title, CRYSTAR, coming to PS4 and PC later this month. CRYSTAR is scheduled to be released on August 27 (NA) and August 30 (EU) for PlayStation® and Steam®.


Review: Soulcalibur VI

It’s been six years since it’s predecessor and any fighting game fanatic is used to the long wait for the next instalments of Street fighter, Tekken, Dead or Alive or even Virtual Fighter.


Review: Dragon Quest 11

“You never were one for a lot of conversation” It’s been so long, five years in fact, since we’ve had a main entry into the Dragon Quest series. The last one, Dragon Quest X, was an MMORPG and the one before that was on the 3DS three years prior.

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