After a grueling queue we were lead to a prison line up to have our photos with the the Battlefield tag and we walked into an empty room where we were explained our mission HOTWIRE. We were then shown live footage of the booth outside where actors resembling police were crouching behind a van. We were split into four teams of eight and we all played on the netword together but I assume it will be an online mode. Our mission was to retrieve marked cars if you were on the side of the police otherwise you were to steal the cars and trash any police officers int he way. This was slightly different for the usual gameplay and resembled GTA but without the prostitutes. Being a novice at the game I took to the sky and watched from the aircraft and shot occasionally for my own amusement.


Originally a China only title by XPEC, they have now branched to Japan. This is an online MMORPG developed based on Flash 3D technology, 3D with brilliant special effects, bright colours and real-time battles. It’s user friendly so any one can jump in and progress immediately from clicking icons to trigger missions and so forth and is completely free until you want to equip yourself with the most swagest of items where you pay the gatachapon machine for the facility.


I also tried out indie phone game by Indonesian company Anantarupa Studios, this is a platform game following protagonist Naraka Loka through six relams with the help of Asura to escape from hell. The graphics are standard for the phone but hold interesting history in the conversations between Nara and others.

There were random spurts of dancing at the Zoids booth with the popular booth babes, I say babes as they were mostly women, baring the army guy and men at the photo booths. The photo booths were picturesque backgrounds with an attractive man where people could get photos taken and then they are asked to vote for their favourite lad. To win what I asked the guys at the Gossip Girl booth they said pride. The Gosip Girl booth offered a physical copy to keep which was ready after 30 minutes in promotion of the new gossip Girl Anime. The Guity Gear’s booth had ladies cosplaying as femme Sol’s and they even sat on stage to battle each other, they were pretty skilled to and were happy to take photos and waved at the crowd promoted cheering for their matches.