If you live in Europe and were wondering if Akiba’s Trip would make it over here, NISA have announced that they’ll be bringing the game to European gamers this October, not too long after it’s american release from XSEED this summer. A sequel to the original Akiba’s Trip, which remained a Japan-exclusive game on the PSP, Akiba’s Trip : Undead & Undressed puts you in the shoes of Nanashi who has to scour Akihabara to find vampires to uncover the mystery behind his own transformation into one of the undead following an unusual encounter. While exploring the faithful recreation of the Akiba, you’ll hunt out the vampires using the only way you know how, by stripping their clothes of any suspicious characters to look for clues and expose their bodies to the harsh rays of the sun. Launching on October 10th, Akiba’s Trip : Undead & Undressed will be coming out on PS3 and PS Vita if you want to take the vampire stripping RPG action on the go.

———- Original Press Release Below ———-

Santa Ana, Calif. (July 14, 2014) – NIS America is thrilled to announce that the exciting action RPG AKIBA’S TRIP: Undead & Undressed will hit Europe on October 10 for both the PlayStation®3 and PS Vita systems. Developed by ACQUIRE, AKIBA’S TRIP tells the story of one unfortunate soul: a young man named Nanashi who was lured into a trap by the promise of rare character goods and transformed into one of the walking undead. However, he was spared the worst of his fate by the bloody kiss of a mysterious Synthister hunter named Shizuku. Together with the rest of his companions in an organization unofficially dubbed the “Akiba Freedom Fighters,” Nanashi and Shizuku must uncover the truth behind the Synthister plague and save Akihabara from being overrun by violent, antisocial energy vampires.

About the game:
AKIBA’S TRIP: Undead & Undressed is an open-world action RPG in which players undertake numerous missions in a virtual recreation of Akihabara, Tokyo’s popular ”Electric Town” district. The player’s goal is to identify vampires called “Synthisters” with the help of an in-game smartphone app, then engage them in battle to strip their clothes off so their bodies are fully exposed to sunlight. Boasting a unique combat system in which everyday objects become weapons, multiple story routes, a varied cast of characters based on common anime and video game tropes and a narrative dripping with social satire and subtle nods to Japanese pop culture, AKIBA’S TRIP is a present-day supernatural adventure for the gamer in all of us.

Key features:
Faithful Recreation of Japan’s Electronics Mecca
Like a virtual tour of Tokyo’s Akihabara ward, all major outdoor locations from the town have been painstakingly recreated, with over 130 real-life shops accurately represented.
Unique and Customizable Brawler-Style Combat
Anything can be a weapon, from baseball bats to comics to motherboards, and individual clothing items may be targeted, stripped, and added to the player’s own inventory.
Satirical Story with Divergent Paths and Multiple Endings
Playing off common anime and video game tropes for social satire, the player’s choices determine how the story progresses, leading to one of many unique endings.
Modern Day Setting Enhances Gameplay Options and Adds Pop Culture Feel
The in-game smartphone is used to check email, read comments on “Pitter,” take sidequests, catalog ad flyers, launch apps to identify the undead, and much, much more