In a post on their Facebook & Twitter pages, Atlus USA finally confirmed the release dates for Conception II : Children of the Seven Stars on the PS Vita and Nintendo 3DS. Both available via each consoles online store, the game will launch on 14th May for Vita & 15th May for 3DS. So, in just under 2 weeks, you’ll be able to jump in, explore some labyrinths, fight monsters and ‘Classmate’ with a range of female disciples to produce your army of Star Children.

About the game:

Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars is a unique dungeon-exploring RPG with school-life elements. In the world called Aterra where the Star God is worshipped, monsters have begun to spawn from the mysterious labyrinth. However, the Star God has imbued certain young adults–Disciples–with the power to fight monsters, as well as create Star Children to aid in the battle. Only Disciples and Star Children can defeat the monsters, and you, as God’s Gift, have an additional weighty task: to bond with seven other Disciples and bear many Star Children to help your world survive!”


To help cope with the wait between now and the game’s launch later this month, the demo is available on both platforms featuring the first chapter of the game, which you can play through and then carry your save data into the full game once it’s available to purchase and download.


via AtlusUSA(Twitter)