Marvelous Europe, the European arm of the Japanese game company Marvelous Inc, recently posted an update about their progress in bringing Senran Kagura 2 to the west. In this latest update, they went through some of the ways they’re preparing for manufacturing the Limited Edition packages for the game, including sampling different mouse pads & wall scrolls, as well as getting weight estimates for the game package. For that last part, they showed an image of what they substituted for the actual Senran Kagura 2 case, using “another case, which just happens to be lying around the office….”


The game shown was a Japanese copy of ‘Kinki no Maguna’ (Forbidden Magna), which is another game by Marvelous Inc and was recently announced for a localised release in North America by XSEED this spring.
With the choice of game used in their update photo, the wording for why it’s there and the fact that it’s being localised for america by XSEED (Marvelous USA), It’s very likely that it’s a teasing a proper European release for the game, since nothing has been officially announced about whether the game will come to the EU since XSEED’s announcement last month.

The Australian Rating board also had a rating classification for the game, under it’s localised title: Lord of Magna: Maiden Heaven, with Marvelous Europe listed as the publisher.

About Lord of Magna: Maiden Heaven (From XSEED’s original announcement press release)
Sometimes one’s path is chosen by fate. Luchs is one such soul, whose peaceful innkeeping days were numbered once he discovered a bracelet known as “Lachryma.” Suddenly accosted by strange fiends, he’s saved by a mysterious faerie encased in crystal whose memories are spotty at best. Luchs decides to help her recover these memories and, in doing so, encounters numerous other faeries just like her, each wielding unique powers and remembering a little more about their storied pasts as the entourage grows. Lord of Magna: Maiden Heaven boasts a unique strategic battle system which encourages players to aim their attacks just right in order to “bowl” over as many enemies as possible with a single strike. Players can also turn the tide of battle by crafting new skills with unique items obtainable through StreetPass registration and participation in Free Battles. With adjustable difficulty levels during gameplay and a fast-forward feature to help speed through cutscenes for battle-hungry players, the customizable experience on offer here promises to leave lasting memories, complemented by in-game movie and art galleries that allow players to review key dramatic moments at will.