While the gaming industry is currently focused on LA and E3 2013 taking place within, those unable to attend would usually find themselves living vicariously through the reports and videos posted online from those at the show.
To help satiate gamers’ hunger for new gaming info and experiences during E3, a new gaming event has been taking place this week in london, sponsored by Sony Playstation & Game Stick, at the recently established Loading Bar Soho, to provide a venue for a mini E3-esque experience accessible to all gamers (within travelling distance, of course).


Throughout the week, dozens of games, from large publishers to single person developers, were showcased at Etoo london. We were able to visit and have a look at what you could expect from this new gaming event for the capital. While holding the event in the loading bar did mean that it was a more intimate venue than other gaming events, it made for a friendly atmosphere where you could play the multiple games on offer and talk to the developers easily without enduring 2 hour lines.

Among the games on offer, developer Born Ready games was at Etoo showcasing it’s kickstarter success, Strike Suit Zero with a special addition, the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset. Using the Oculus Rift headset in a deep space combat setting makes for a truly immersive experience that has to be seen to be believed. Coupled with the turtle beach headset and the flight stick they were demoing the game with, you really feel like you’re piloting from inside the cockpit of your ship!


Also on display at Etoo was Pixel Escape from the two man team at Pixel Masters, Pixel Escape is an energetic platform game where you wield a magic pen to create paths to guide your pixels to freedom from the ‘the glitch’ which is quickly destroying their world. While controlling the pen tool with your mouse (or finger on the mobile version), you also when the pixels can jump to maneuver over obstacles in their way. managing both where to place paths with the pen and when to make your pixels jump makes the game more challenging than it would appear at first glance, especially as the levels get more difficult and littered with obstacles and multiple paths.

Games from Sony, Ubisoft, Sega and a wide range of indie developers are also on show within Etoo for the duration of the event, with special livestreams and panels taking place in the evening.

Etoo is on until June 13th, so if you’re nearby it’s definitely worth a visit!

You can find out more at Etoolondon.com