Almost a year after Disgaea 5 Complete launched on the Nintendo Switch, and about 3 years after the original PS4 release, Disgaea 5 is almost ready for its PC launch next week. Ahead of the release, NIS America has invited PC gamers to try out Disgaea 5 Complete for free in the form of a demo, with steam keys for the demo distributed via Alienware Arena for whoever wants to try it out.

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While the actual game seems to be pretty much the same as the Nintendo Switch version in main features, several customisation and configuration options have been included to make it more suitable for PC players. Multiple resolutions are supported for whatever type of screen you want to use, along with the option to play in windowed, borderless or full screen mode. Full keyboard and controller mapping is also included, allowing you to change the controls to whatever suits your input choice. A feature I appreciated was the option to change what button layout is used in onscreen button prompts, which can prevent the mild inconvenience of playing a game with a ps4 controller but still seeing Xbox button prompts for actions in game.


As a demo, this one is quite generous, allowing you to play the first 3 chapters of the game and explore the first 3 Netherworlds, allowing you to experience a much more substantial chunk of the game than the ps4 and switch demos before it.


The graphics are generally in line with what you’d expect from the ps4 version, with support for higher resolutions, although as the UI and characters are 2D sprites, they can start to look a bit more jaggy if you’re running it on a 4k screen and happen to be sitting very close to it.


The trophies from the PS4 and Switch versions also are present in the PC version of D5C for those who have to aim to achieve as many trophies he achievements as possible, or looking for targets or challenges to aim for.

Another surprising feature of the demo is that all of the extra content is unlocked and available for you to activate in game, so if you really wanted to make things easier, you could even unlock the additional classes and extra party member characters, or even give yourself a free 1 million HL to spend on weapons, items or level buffs for new characters you’re recruiting.

If you’re on the fence about whether to pick up Disgaea 5 Compete, this demo has quite a lot for you to do and could definitely keep you occupied for several hours. The original PS4 game was a great game, and the PC version is shaping up to be just as good, if not better.