Hot on the heels of last week’s E3 event in LA, GAME has announced the opening of its very first Xbox store in partnership with Microsoft at BOXPARK in Shoreditch. Tucked away in the top corner of the pop-up shopping mall, the Xbox store provides a place for gamers to come and check out the Xbox consoles, games and accessories, as well as the Microsoft Surface tablets loaded with Windows 8.


GAME plans to use this store to promote the Xbox brand and invite customers to experience the games and consoles available. There is also the possibility of special gaming events and tournaments taking place at the Xbox store in the future, similar to the lock-in events GAME have been holding at several stores for recent upcoming game releases.

The Xbox store also marks the launch of a range of ‘MyBox’ Xbox 360 skins, which are currently available only at the Xbox store and provide a unique way to personalise your Xbox 360 S console. The newly announced Xbox 360 E consoles were also on sale, with GAME holding a one day special offer where you could get the console and 2 free games for only £100 if you purchase it at the Xbox store. Unsurprisingly, this offer was very popular and it wasn’t long before they had sold out.


For those who visit the lime-hued store, you may find it somewhat smaller than the GAME stores you may be used to. Like all the stores in Boxpark, the pop up store is housed in a renovated shipping carrier, causing the interior to be relatively narrow. This hasn’t stopped GAME from outfitting the store with multiple Xbox consoles with games like FIFA and Forza in their seated gaming area. Venture further within and you’ll even find a dedicated Kinect area at the back, perfect for having a quick go at games like Kinect sports.

As we get closer to November, the store is expected to begin focusing on promoting the upcoming Xbox One console in addition to the current Xbox 360 consoles on offer. With this store being the first of its kind in the UK, and also being partnered with microsoft, hopefully gamers will soon be able to experience the Xbox One console hands on at the Xbox store.

The Xbox store is now open at Boxpark Shoreditch, London, from 11am to 8pm Monday to Sunday.