In a short teaser video titled ‘A Message from Team Gravity’ from the Playstation Japan Youtube account, Kat and her mysterious familiar Dusty appear to be returning in a new project from the creators of the fantastic Vita exclusive, Gravity Rush!

After Gravity Rush wrapped-up with quite an open ending and left many story threads hanging, fans wondered if the game would ever receive the proper conclusion to Kat’s tale in a possible sequel.  Kat even made multiple cameos in other Sony titles like Playstation All Stars: Battle Royale and Everybody’s Golf but there was no word on if the team behind Gravity Rush were working on a sequel to the original. This new trailer, released earlier today confirms that we can look forward to flyinh high with Kat once again in this new title.

Considering the original made such extensive use of the Vita’s touch and motion controls, I wonder if Japan Studio will remove or rework the control scheme to make it compatible with the recently announced Vita TV console, which does not have a touchscreen or rear touch pad.

Via Playstation JP [Youtube]