After teasing an announcement on the official Half Minute Hero facebook page, Marvelous AQL have confirmed that the sequel, Half Minute Hero 2 will be coming to English-speaking regions this year exclusively for PC via the Steam digital distribution platform. The past week or so has been filled with staff on the HMH facebook page dropping several not-so-subtle hints about the upcoming announcement of the second game in the series being localised for western markets. Earlier today, in another facebook post, the page revealed the full logo for the title, as well as revealing the intro video for the game:

Originally released on PSP in Japan back in 2010, Half Minute Hero 2 remained exclusive to Japan. The new steam release brings the newly localised version of the sequel to PC, after the well received Half Minute Hero: Ultimate Boy was launched on Steam back in 2012. While the game name and platform have been confirmed, the release date is still being teased, inviting fans to try and decipher the actual date from the blurry image posted online.

This news about the new game comes just as the latest Groupees Be Mine bundle launched, including the original Half Minute Hero: Super Mega Neo Climax – Ultimate Boy for buyers who pay a minimum of $3.50 for the bundle of PC games. For anyone who’s intrigued by Half Minute Hero 2 but have yet to play the first, this would be a great time to pick it up for cheap and see what the series is all about.