Among the guests at this year’s Hyper Japan event in London, Yano Anna was there, preforming some of her songs on stage and meeting fans. Originally starting off as a model, Anna began singing as well, and has sung the theme song for anime such as Magica Wars & Stella Women’s Academy, High School Division Class C3.  We sat down to have a short interview with her (and her translator) about her career and other things too.


In your career, you’re a model as well as a singer, I you were a model first, but you started to do singing as well. How are you finding the differences between the two?

“I always wanted to be a singer first … but now I’m more devoted to both areas than before”

The album “Shape my Story”, how was that received in Japan?

“The fans were there already when she was a model, and were kind of shocked, ‘Oh, she can also sing as well?’. But then those people that found her out when she became a singer were also impressed that she also does modelling. So now, there’s two different types of fans that have combined”

Since you started singing, you haven’t sung many albums; As far as I know, she’s sung one album last year and one this year, both for anime I believe. Are you trying to approach more mainstream anime so that when you’re signing you become more recognised and hopefully more people will listen to your music and buy your albums?

“So, I’ve always liked animation of course, so having songs in those anime is an honourable thing. Obviously the real achievement is to get more Japanese pop culture and raise the recognition of it as well. ” As for Japanese pop culture, that’s where it matters

We’d like to know more about your next album?

“At the moment, there’s no plan for new albums, but obviously, fashion is a big part of my act, so now I want to get cooler to ‘power-up’ in her next work.”

Since you haven’t planned your next album, perhaps you know some friends who are also models and maybe you could do a group single?

“it might be interesting..”

Usually, I think it’s much easier to be recognized as a group as well?

“I want to be a singer first, so maybe it’s better to be solo rather than part of a group.”

What do you think about fashion design, what kind of things inspire you, if you were to create her own clothing?

“Anime characters are a big impact”

What anime do you like, what one do you like the most?

“I like idolm@ster”

What’s your favourite thing about Japan?

“I like sushi”

Have you been to England before?

“I want to visit more often.”

What do you think about Hyper Japan?

I like animation and I also like music. It’s a great place, Hyper Japan, for people to get to know all Japanese culture.

You said you liked idolm@ster and that’s a idol group anime as well. If they gave you a role as an actual character as a vocal actress, would you do it?

“That would be something I’d be interested in.”

Do you want to focus on voice acting at some point in your career, or stick to fashion and music

I’d maybe want to give it a go, but it’s not something I’m really devoted to.

Would you want to open your own fashion store?

I’d want a range of products with my design.

You love fashion, what do you think of the fashion differences between Japan and western culture?

“The main thing more European fashion are the bodylines, you wear trousers and really tight-fit dress, where in Japan it’s kind of fluffy in the materials, and the use of colouring is different.”

I’ve been Japan a few times and you don’t see girls wearing jeans, it’s mostly dresses.

“You’d wear short jeans but whole trousers.”

What’s your hometown?


Many models, idols or celebrities, if you ask them about age or where they’re from, they’re not allowed to say.

“If people are happy to talk about where they’re from of their hometown… It depends on what they really want to do.”

It’s your first time in the UK, how are you finding it so far?

It’s very pretty, I always feel like being part of a film, everything’s so cinematic in the scenery.

Is there anything in particular you want to see in London?

The changing of the guards at Buckingham palace.

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