[19/12 Update] – It looks like ShopTo now has the game listed on their site for a March release next year on PS3, rather than PS4. After checking USK, we noticed that they have also updated the information on the hypercollection rating for PS3 instead of PS4 as it was originally.

It looks like the Hyperdimension Neptunia series may coming to the PS4 in a collection or bundle according to this latest info from the German ratings board, USK.

A recent listing on the site shows a PS4 game, titled “Hyperdimension Neptutnia Hypercollection” from publisher NIS America has been given a 16+ rating (Neptunia 1 & 2 were previously rated 12+ and Neptunia Victory 16+ on USK).


One odd thing about this listing is that the publisher is shown as NIS America, even though Idea Factory International has taken the reigns of the Neptunia series over the past year, releasing Neptunia Re;birth1 this august and the upcoming Re;birth2 & Hyperdevotion Noire games early next year. This could this mean that the Hypercollection may be a compilation of the original 3 Neptunia titles published by NISA, rather than the enhanced re;birth versions of the games.

If this does turn out to be a collection of the main 3 Neptunia games as assumed, it could be a good way for those new to Hyperdimension Neptunia to experience the series from the beginning and see how the games have improved since the original.

Since this is all unconfirmed, hopefully an official announcement may follow to confirm what this collection will contain or if it even exists.

via USK