With the new release date for Mighty No.9 slowly getting closer, Deep Silver have released a new 60fps trailer showing off the different transformations you can use from the bosses you defeat throughout the game.
Also announced with the trailer is a ‘Retro Hero’ DLC skin for Beck, which turns him into a more blocky version of himself, which also looks like something you’d see in Minecraft. Mighty No.9 is releasing September 18th on practically all major home consoles and on Steam, with the Vita and 3DS releases coming at a later date.

As someone who was a backer on the kickstarter for the game back in 2013, I’ve been following the progress of the game’s development since it’s original announcement. After the delays and slight changes to the game from its initial kickstarter pitch, I’m still looking forward to seeing what the final product turns out to be. The most recent version of the beta seemed to be going in the right direction gameplay-wise, but the art style still leaves a lot to be desired. I’m actually looking forward to seeing how the portable versions of the game will look, since comcept & inti creates will be rebuilding the game specifically for those platforms, since the Unreal-powered version wouldn’t be able to simply be ported over. At least the arranged version of the main theme used in this new trailer sounds nice.