Have you ever wished you could play Nintendo 3DS games without the sterioscopic 3D effect? Well, most people would simply use the slider on the side of the console to turn it off. But, if that sounds like too much of an unpleasant task, luckily Nintendo announced their latest revision of the popular Nintendo 3DS today, in the form of the new Nintendo 2DS! As the name should imply, this is a 2D-only version of the 3DS hardware, which retains all of the major features of the 3DS, such as streetpass, compatibility with 3DS and DS games, AR Games, eStore games, etc…

The 2DS also has a wildly different form factor to the previous 3/DS consoles by presenting the 2 screens on a wedge-shaped slate, looking somewhat like a 3DS XL if the console was locked open and the hinge removed. Apparently the Nintendo 2DS is aimed at younger audiences, with an emphasis on value. Considering how many DS and 3DS consoles have met their end by being snapped in twain by over-enthusiastic children, the new form for the 2DS should hopefully make it more durable, but this could end up being of little use if Nintendo haven’t added extra protection to the screens since the console can no longer fold closed to shield them from the elements.

Along with the reveal, Nintendo announced the release date of the 2DS, which will be dropping on October 12th, the same day as Pokemon X & Y (how convienent?), and will be available in Black+Blue and White+Red varieties. As for the price, Nintendo don’t set the RRP, so this can vary depending on the retailer, although pre-order prices should be popping up soon enough after today’s news.

Update – GAME has begun taking preorders for the Nintendo 2DS, starting at £109 for the base package, including an AC Charger, 4GB SD Card and 6 AR Cards in the box.