Days before the launch of the Nintendo 2DS and Pokemon X & Y, Nintendo UK have launched their own online store, providing many first party (and some third party) games for the Wii/Wii U and Nintendo DS/3DS, along with a selection of accessories for their consoles. Prices for many games currently seem to be equal to or even higher than alternative stores such as GAME, Shopto or Amazon. Hopefully as the store grows Nintendo may consider revising prices, especially on older titles (I doubt anyone wants to buy Metroid: Other M for £44.99).

Thankfully, there are a few tempting offers among the games currently available, including a bundle deal for Pokemon X /Y along with one of the new Pokemon X / Y 3DS XL Consoles for £199.99 including free next day delivery, probably providing the best offer around for those looking to pick up the latest pokemon game along with a new Pokemon-themed 3DS XL. The previously GAME-Exclusive LoZ Wind Waker HD Limited Edition (the one with the Ganondorf Figure) is also available on Nintendo’s store, giving a second chance to gamers who didn’t pre-order or weren’t quick enough to grab the LE on GAME’s website while they still had leftover stock.



Via Nintendo UK Online Store