You wait ages for a good Megaman figure and two show up at once, eh?


Last week, the “Gigantic Series – Mega Man Complete Figure” was revealed and made available to pre-order for its release in Japan this March. Standing at just over 30cm tall, this PVC figure depicts the classic style blue bomber armed with his trade mark mega buster in a fixed pose. This figure also features an alternate head, so you can choose to display him with or without his helmet, perhaps standing at the top of a cardboard building. Japanese retailer, amiami currently has the figure available to pre-order for 6620 yen (approx £38).


Last week also marked the beginning of the TruForce Collectibles MegaMan X Action Figure Kickstarter where they are looking to raise $200,000 to complete the production of a 6″ (15cm) articulated figure made from die-cast parts along with PVC, ABS and PA. This MegaMan X is no ordinary figure, as it’s modeled on the Rockman X Ver Ke image which Capcom uploaded as an April Fools joke early last year. The ‘Ver Ke’ image, designed by Capcom artist, Mizuno Keisuke caught the attention of thousands of Megaman fans across the internet, who were quickly disapointed when  the image was revealed to not be a teaser for an upcoming model kit, but just a joke.


Thankfully, TruForce Collectibles has been working to bring this dream to reality as an officially licensed figure based on this design, which looks like it should be something unique going by the prototype model images and renders on the kickstarter page.  As of 26/01/2015, the campaign is almost at 30% of their goal, with another 35 days to go, so it hopefully should get funded with room to spare. According to details on the kickstarter page, TruForce is planning for a ‘Summer’ release later this year, for which you can pre-order your figure from $80 by backing the kickstarter campaign. There are several tiers where you can support the kickstarter and recieve t-shirts or prints but the $80 level is the minimum amount you can get the figure for. The backer tiers go up to $230, where you get the T-Shirt, print, figure and a second figure featuring a kickstarter exclusive design and effect parts.


If you want to get your hands on either of these figures, click the links below:

Gigantic Series – Mega Man Complete Figure [amiami]

TruForce Collectibles MegaMan X Action Figure Kickstarter