“You know the Midnight Channel?”

In Atlus’ “Dark Hour TV ~Persona Hour” stream to promote the upcoming Persona 3 Movie, Midsummer Knight’s Dream, an anime adaptation of Persona 4 Golden was announced, set to air in Japan this July. Persona 4 Golden, the Vita exclusive remake of Persona 4 featured several new story events adding to the series cannon and the new character and Velvet Room attendant, Marie who the main character / Yu / will see regularly during the story.

Following the announcement, the website for the anime is now live at http://www.p4ga.jp/ showing some early info about the anime, staff & cast, which include many of those who worked on the original Persona 4: The Animation series. A short video also gives a sneak peek into the new series.

As this was announced for Japanese audiences, there’s currently no news on any plans to bring the series to western audiences. Considering how popular the Persona series has become among US and EU fans, we should hopefully be able to see the upcoming anime via official distribution channels at some point in the future.

If you’ve yet to experience Persona 4 Golden, now’s a good time to catch up since the game’s currently on sale on the PlayStation store for £14.99 (£13.49 for PS+).

via Crunchyroll