As the Parallax Play media empire expands, we are happy to announce that we will be joining forces with the Otaku Nation podcast, hosted by Aisha and featuring co-hosts Alex, Orun & Harriet. Each week, you can tune in as they chat about  anime, manga, video games & otaku culture. We will also be hosting anime reviews from the Otaku nation girls in our anime section, so be on the look out for those soon!

Here’s the latest episode of the podcast, “Episode 20 – Hunting for treasures!”, where the four otaku girls talk about Haikyuu , Dai-Shogun – Great Revolution , Nanana’s Buried Treasure as well as the Steam Sale and upcoming events.

You can find future episodes here on Parallax Play and you can also subscribe to the podcast via iTunes or this handy podcast feed link for your player of choice.