Following Bandai Namco’s Global Gamers’ Day event last week, one of the announcements revealed was that Project X Zone, the crossover Tactical RPG featuring SEGA, Capcom & Bandai Namco Characters has a sequel due later this year. Dubbed Project X Zone 2: Brave New World, the game is set to follow up the previous game, along with some new characters, such as Leon Kennedy from Resident Evil, Kazuma Kiryu & Goro Majima from Yakuza, Kazuya Mishima from Tekken & Haseo from .hack//G.U.


As with its predecessor, Project X Zone 2 is being made for the Nintendo 3DS by Mononlith Soft and is set to launch in Europe “Autumn 2015”.

——– Original Press Release Below ———


The ultimate cross-over game by legendary publishers!


Paris, FRANCE – April 13, 2015 – BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment, CAPCOM and SEGA Interactive Co., Ltd./ SEGA Games Co., Ltd are back for some more with Project X Zone 2 for the Nintendo 3DS™ system! The second episode of this ultimate cross-over tactical RPG, created by MONOLITH SOFTWARE INC., will hit digital & physical shelves in the above-mentioned regions on Autumn 2015!


With more than 400 000 units, the first episode of this Tactical-RPG series surprised not only fans but also press thanks to its massive line-up, stirring gameplay and unique humour! Among the famed returning licenses, Project X Zone 2 will feature TEKKEN, TALES OF VESPERIA, GOD EATER or .hack// series (BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment), DEVIL MAY CRY, MEGAMAN X and RESIDENT EVIL series (CAPCOM), Sakura Wars, YAKUZA: Dead Souls and Virtua Fighter (SEGA Interactive Co., Ltd./ SEGA Games Co., Ltd).


Working hand-in-hand with renowned publishers such as SEGA and CAPCOM is a blessing. Exchanging ideas and working towards making fans happy is the ultimate goal behind this cross-over. With dozens of famous characters and licenses, unique humour traits and highly tactical gameplay; Project X Zone 2 presents itself as a serious contender to be a critically appreciated Tactical RPG!” said Herve Hoerdt, Vice President of IP Strategy, Marketing & PR at BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe.


The successful recipe of this game will be heightened with the addition of several characters, in-game features (More information to come over the next few months!) and new languages for subtitles: French, Italian, German and Spanish!