So, it’s been a month since Amiibos were unleashed upon the world and some particular characters have been increasingly hard to find for many people. Marth, Wii Fit Trainer, Villager are generally regarded as the hardest to find, with some Amiibos selling for double to triple original price via resellers. After several conflicting reports popping up over the past couple weeks about whether these figures are discontinued or if Nintendo will be making more left many wondering if these ‘less popular’ characters would return to store shelves without having to buy them at a substantial markup.

Now, it looks like the trinity of ‘rare’ Amiibos from Super Smash Bros Wave 1 are starting to return to some online UK retailers, with both Amazon and Tesco starting to show these figures in stock as of earlier this morning. As of writing, GAME and even Nintendo UK’s own online store still don’t have these figures in stock, so stock of these figures may be rolling out to particular suppliers within different time ranges. If you’ve been looking for these Amiibo fugres, you probably should act quickly while they’re still available. Hopefully this could be a good sign for Nintendo eventually restocking the Gamecube adapter for Wii U.

Wii Fit Trainer [£10.00] – Amazon

Villager [£12.99] – Amazon

Marth [£10.99] – 14 in stock as of 14:20

Wii Fit Trainer [£10.00]

Marth [£10.00] 

Villager [£10.00]