Heroine_OrionAmnesia follows the trend of short anti harem anime’s to hit the west by storm. This anime finished airing in Japan March 2013 and yet when I visited Japan October 2015 they had a whole section dedicated to the series in the official Tales of shop.

The 12 episode series released by MVM entertainment stars top voice cast such as stars Maggie Flecknoe(Another, Btooom!, Red Garden, Diabolik Lovers), Shannon Emerick(Gantz, Gatchaman Crowds, Girls und Panzer, Red Garden), Christopher Ayres (Black Butler, Btooom!, Dragon Ball Z Kai , Fairy Tail, Hakuoki), Blake Shepard (Angel Beats!, Another, Hakuōki, Log Horizon, Diabolik Lovers)  just to name a few. As you can see they all star alongside with each other in other popular Harem anime’s such as Diabolik Lovers and Hakuōki.


Amnesia as the title dictates you follow the protagonist who has lost her memory and wiken up to a scenario of working in a maid café. If that isn’t quirky enough she sees’s a being called Orion who no one else in the human world can. She has flash backs of a flaming building seeking escape. Also by meeting certain people memories are triggered. But are they from her present or a different past?

From dying in flames or drowning in unknown waters she has the tendency to wind up in hospital a lot like the typical ditzy female protagonist. Only difference is she is dating a new guy with no knowledge of how she got there. With Orion’s help she figures out she wakes up in a new dimension each time with a different back story. Orion warns her not to tell anyone about her amnesia.


As the Heroine with no name struggles to recall her ‘real’ past and connect the random recollections in her mind the date of August 1st is the only thing that stays important in each dimension  – it is the day she keeps waking up in the hospital. It’s a a mystery/suspense anime that would make a great game and Idea Factory did just that making it into a mystery dating sim where from the memories you pick your guy to be with.

In the anime however it leaves her choice open ended after spending time with each guy as her boyfriend. She even reveals her Amnesia to one – is he the one she feels a strong bond with who knows? At the end of the DVD you have a section called ‘The lost Diary page’ where you can hear her speaking as herself about all the guys and her opinions.


The opening Zoetrope by Nagi Yanagi has an electric rock feel fitting with the sinister themes of the show and general J-rock fashion sense. Recall by Ray (eps 1-11) is a whole lot of synthed giving a distorted feel which mirrors the loss of our heroines memory.

Review Summary

This anime is short and confusing at times but great for anyone who likes suspense and thrillers and lots of bishounen guys.