Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl is not a new game in the series as the name leads you to think it but in fact it is a remake of the first EO game, released back on the original Nintendo DS. What’s the point in the remake I hear you say? Well a lot actually. In EOU, Altus show off how far their dungeon-crawling role-playing series has come in six years.

eou fred

The main difference is the added option of difficulty settings in Etrian Odyssey IV which gave a challenge to returning fans that fans. With EOU, Atlus decided to add a ‘Story Mode’ where you have a main protagonist to follow and some loose story is incorporated.

I particularly enjoyed the anime scenes which made my play through a lot more enjoyable than the original – I like direction not aimless fumbling around till I speak to a random person to progress the story.The new story revolves around a girl, who goes by the name of Frederica, who wakes up from cryogenic sleep during one of your dungeon-exploration missions.

eou anime

If story is more of a hindrance to you and all you want to do is ‘skip’ then the noticeable differences in ‘classic mode’ are more readable fonts  and moving through the labyrinths feels more fluid, and the graphics of the monsters are more attractive 3D models. Also the classes ronin and hexer are available at the start of the game – yippee! You also have a new item in the game called Grimoire Stones which let you bypass upgrade limitations to make hybrid classes.

The thing about EOU is that it is demanding and needs your undivided attention. If you lose focus you’ll then have to retrace your steps to fix the map. Yes the annoying map system is still there, something I wish Atlus had removed in the second game. Whilst walking every five steps and having a monster jump in your face I don’t want to have to be drawing a map of where I am going, I would rather focus on foraging for stuff and opening chests.

eou fight

If you’re a hardcore EO fan, the way to go is to play Story Mode then carry on your save in classic to unlock more classes and just grind all over again in a longer second play through. The Millennium Girl is a long-ass game and I don’t know if I would really want to play through again apart from snooping at new classes. If I could use easy mode to remove the drawing map option then SWEET SUGAR CANE I WOULD.

Classic mode is longer because there are more locked doors and strong enemies at the start trolling our lives but at least the graphics look pleasing to the eye for you to traipse around a few times.

eou art

Review Summary

Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl is definitely a remake with substance the whole new addition of story mode has been something worth doing and for a classic RPGer like myself story is key. It is also the first game in the series to feature voice acting cameos from Persona and Shin Megami Tensei VA’s will make you smile. I have been playing Atlus games for a long time and have not been disappointed by them in regards to anime cut scenes which added a touch to the overall experience considering the character designs were quite nice. It is then wrapped up nicely with a synthesized orchestral tracks as well as the original which you can choose between.