In Hakuōki : Record of the Jade Blood Collection, the boys are back and looking snazzier than ever, boo yah!.

After a brief recap of previous events this season’s first episode – the Shinsengumi have escaped and sought refuge and a new HQ in Edo. Grumpy and emotionless Hijikata has survived thus far and been working harder than ever to gain victory for his soldiers and those who died for the cause in Kondo’s absence. Hijikata is also struggling to control the fury urges to drink blood as the Rasetsu powers slowly take over as we have already see with Sonenson. The army is now renamed Kouyou Chinbutai and under the orders of the emperor. The next mission entails defending Koufu Castle which is not easy but the prize is claiming the castle for themselves.

Demon of the Fleeting Blossom: The Record of the Jade Blood

Kondou’s daimyo aspirations seem to have changed since the first season perhaps his samurai spirit is wavering and a comfy figure head position is appealing now. Who do the Shinsengumi follow? Part of the new transition to a new army regime then are given new European uniforms to blend in and hair cuts. Yes they just got hotter! I feel Souji Okita got the best outfit but hardly any air time showing it off, he is away from battle for most of the season but comes back with a bang. He is by far the most gutsy character, always having something to say, his in jokes with Chizuru and learning about him and his awe of Kondou in the OVA was a great addition. Also while researching his character I found his character was based on a real person in history – Okita Sōji, the captain of the original Shinsengumiin noted as one of the best swordsmen of the Shinsengumi.

Demon of the Fleeting Blossom: The Record of the Jade Blood


Review Summary

In this season we encounter a lot of shifts in narration, the Shinsengumi boys have formed their own opinion of the people thy fight aside their own missions in life. Also there is more closure on who is Kaoru and his relationship to Chizuru. Chizuru is now somewhat useful, she becomes Hijikata's personal blood bank and a sort of bond has formed between the two (didn't not expect this at all). This felt so incredibly fake, like the story was incomplete without the obligatory love story you expected from the start but the series refused to give. Fans of the game will be utterly shocked with this overall series as it is action packed and blunt. You grow attached to a character and wham, bam, they're dead. This happens a lot but makes the Shinsengumi's tale more of a moving one.