With only a couple more weeks until the August 1st release date, Deep silver have released a new CGI trailer showing off some co-op action to whet your appetite for Sacred 3.

Deep Silver today reveals a new trailer for Sacred 3 that shows off the co-op and humour which the Sacred franchise has always been known for. Returning fans and new players will enjoying fighting back the hordes of the evil Emperor Zane while competing with friends to prove who is Ancaria’s greatest champion.  

A strong team is necessary to defeating the countless enemies of the evil empire. You’ll need to equip combat arts and weapons spirits that will complement your team and your own unique play style. However, there are powerful enemies that won’t be easily slain. Combine your powers with other champions to cast powerful and devastating co-op combat arts. Once the dust from the battles has settled, the score sheet will reveal which hero will stand as the undisputed champion over his or her peers. This establishes a delicate balance between friendly cooperation and cut-throat competition. “