In the 20+ years since Sonic’s original Mega Drive classics first graced our screens, Sega have repackaged and re-released those games multiple times, at least once for each console generation since. Now you’ll have another opportunity to buy Sonic 2 for the nth time following it’s first release on Android and updated release on iOS devices.


Unlike many of the previous re-released versions of the Mega Drive games, the new mobile version of Sonic 2 is more than a straight emulation of the original, with the game being remade for the mobile platforms on the ‘Retro Engine’ used in the 2011 digital release of Sonic CD on console, PC and mobile. This remake has allowed for new features to be added to the main game in the form of a new ‘Boss Attack’ mode, playing as Sonic, Tails & Knuckles and the inclusion of the scrapped level from the original game, ‘Hidden Palace Zone’. This new version of Sonic 2 marks the first time that Hidden Palace Zone has been fully playable without having to use rom hacks, cheat cartridges or other methods of questionable legitimacy.


Sonic 2 is available now on iOS and Android. iOS users who downloaded the previous version of Sonic 2 on the app store will be able to receive the new version with updated content as a free update.

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