With Beyond: Two Souls only a couple of weeks away from release, Sony have launched their BEYOND Touch companion app for android and iOS to let gamers play the game using their mobile device in place of a standard PS3 controller connected to the console.

The app connects to the PS3 via local Wi-Fi and lets you interact directly with the game in Solo mode or in Duo mode when playing with another person. The touch controls are said to be intuitive and provide an easy to play control scheme for those who aren’t very familiar with console games.

At the moment, there’s little you can do with the app until the game comes out next month, but if you’re eagerly waiting for Beyond to launch, you can watch the making of video and trailer included with the app over and over again while you count down the days. It’s also interesting that Sony would launch this companion app for android and even iOS, but there’s been no word on whether a version will be available for Playstations’ own touchscreen device, the PS Vita.

via Google Play, App Store