Suikoden 2.5
Suikoden 2.5


Any hardcore RPG gamer will recognise the cult game Suikoden brought to us by Konami since the days of the original Playstation console. Sadly despite the huge following Konami has ceased to localise the game in Europe and therefore we’re missing out on the epic series on handheld and home consoles.

There has been many pleas to get Konami to bring over the remaining un-localized Suikoden games to the UK, especially by head of The Suikoden Revival Movment, Chris Holmes. He has been at Konami Japan, Konami UK and now setting his sights on Sony for help. Apart from throwing our money at these companies what else can we do? Queue Suikoden 2.5!

LIKE to play a free, new, professional made Suikoden game?

This is no ruse, Brandon who run’s Suikoden 2.5 facebook page has banded together a rebel group (pun totally intended)  including video game tech experts and artists who are working on a game based after  Suikoden 2.

new graphics 2.5

Set two months after the Dunan Unification War, the shadows of the past resurface. Riou, Jowy, and Nanami seek a peaceful life far away from the sin of the past, but Jowy becomes increasingly haunted by the unconscious memories of the people he’s slain. Meanwhile, Yuber seeks to dissuade a new pupil, and plants the seeds for a war that will end all wars to come.

The Higheast rebellion is on it’s way. Experience the world of Suikoden once more. A careful focus on staying as close to the official canon for this period of the timeline, a new world map of unexplored Falena, a rune system with attachable runes, a custom blacksmith system, and for the first time, we’ll go into the heart of Harmonia. Suikoden 2.5 has a talented team already, and we’re releasing a quality character driven game that delves deeper into the personalities than ever seen before.

Brandon is still recruiting talented people to help work on the game. Let’s return to the world of Suikoden once more, and show them that Suikoden doesn’t die until we let it. Chapter 2 has been released today ! (1st May 2014)
Chapter one can be found here:

Heroes suk 2.5
All of the Suikoden heros – Drawn by HikariShuyo